Photographer. Writer. Visiteur.

It’s so special a thing to be able to do what you love doing, visiting interesting places, meeting amazing people and taking photographs of them. All part of a life seen through a viewfinder or jotted in a notebook, but to be able to think or see for a living – I’m a lucky soul.

The process has changed over the years but the mountains remain and the racers persist and so it seems does the want to see them in print, on the wall or in your hand. I am constantly reassured by the continued interest in the printed image and word, long may that continue along side the scrolling down and the swiping left – chapeau to those opening pages or screens to see the world through the eyes of another – thank you for making it all worthwhile.

I’ve taken pictures almost as long as I’ve ridden bikes. Londoner turned country dweller, turned rural French, I can usually be found on any given Sunday somewhere on foothills of the Pyrenees, probably on a cross bike with Mrs Farmer and Cadence the Rhodesian Ridgeback, definitely hanging out with Mother Nature on her T’s&C’s.

If you’re passing, bring a bike, we’ll ride.

CLIENTS include:

Brands:                                                                                                                           Specialized   Moots   Campagnolo    Sportful  Defeet  Fizik   Mavic   ENVE  Giordana  Nalini  Ekoi  Middleburn  Thomson Bike Tours   Demon Frameworks  The Cycling House  Endura  EWT Canyon  The Service Course   Wiggle

Agencies:                                                                                                                               Alpha Century   Camerapress   City of Westminster 

Magazines:                                                                                                                         Peloton   Grinta!   Simpson  Road.cc Urban Cyclist Offroad.cc  Switchback   Rouleur   Singletrack  Cycling Weekly  Max Power Motorsport  Gran Fondo Marie Claire   Elle












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